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What should I feed my pet bird?

The current dietary recommendation for maintaining a healthy companion includes feeding a combination of pelleted bird food, healthy fresh foods, and a small amount of treat food. Clean water should always be available.

How do I pick up and hold my rabbit?

Grasp the loose skin over the shoulders with one hand while supporting the rump (and the rabbit’s weight) with the other. Rabbits can be fragile and may not be suitable pets for young children.

Why does my horse need wellness care?

Proper wellness care can enhance your horse's life, productivity, and physical condition.

How do I groom my cat?

While cats are known for grooming themselves, regular brushing can help keep your cat's skin and haircoat healthy.

What should I feed my rabbit?

Feed unlimited quantities of green, dust and mold-free timothy hay, brome or other grass hay. This is crucial for keeping your rabbit’s intestinal tract healthy.

What should wellness care include?

Basic wellness care typically involves an annual physical examination that is usually timed to coincide with spring vaccinations. Your veterinarian should check body condition, skin and haircoat, eyes, teeth and mouth, lungs and heart, and your horse's digestive system.

Should I bathe my cat?

Unlike dogs, most cats do not need to be bathed regularly. If your cat's coat does get dirty or sticky, try to make bathing a pleasant experience by using warm (not hot) water and a mild cat shampoo. Of course, having treats nearby is also an excellent option.

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